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As the examination synthetic has been acquainted with the market as of late, its properties are not completely seen at this point. In view of existing information, AB-CHMINACA is relied upon to have a lot more grounded liking for CB1 than for CB2 receptors, which is in accordance with discoveries for other indazole cannabinoids. The item is accessible for conveyance as a crystalline strong, stable on room temperature and easy to gauge and get ready for target testing.


Like every single other item accessible from our store, AB-CHMINACA can be utilized only by qualified analysts for leading substance and physical trials in an appropriately prepared lab. It would be ideal if you focus that a few purviews may have as of late put limitations on this substance and ensure it’s legitimate in your general vicinity of habitation before starting an exchange.

Dodge contact with people or creatures at any expense and look for guaranteed clinical consideration if the concoction unintentionally sullies living beings. Apply standard lab wellbeing methodology when working with AB-CHMINACA.

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